Our Story

Cats & Dogs

At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremation & Aftercare is located in the beautiful city of Alhambra, CA just minutes from the city of Los Angeles and the cities of the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys. It is owned and operated by Scott and Teresa Summerville, longtime business owners who are also lifelong pet owners and caregivers. They have always loved and respected animals and they know how difficult it is when a beloved pet passes on. With this understanding, Scott and Teresa founded At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremation & Aftercare realizing the need in their community to provide compassionate and caring cremation services for a beloved pet.

Scott and Teresa are applauded and known in their community for promoting and providing medical care, neutering and spaying for stray animals. Several years ago, they unwittingly inherited a feral cat colony when they moved into a new home. Recognizing their need for care, they have since been performing a labor of love in their neighborhood and surrounding communities by feeding, capturing, neutering, spaying and releasing feral cats in addition to finding adoptive homes for rescue cats and dogs.

At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremation & Aftercare reflects Scott and Teresa’s above-and-beyond dedication to providing the dignity and respect that your beloved pet and all small animals deserve.