Honor Your Pet In A Most Dignified And Elegant Way

At Garden’s Edge Pet Cremation services are the ideal way to honor your pet with dignity and respect. We provide our clients calming reassurance and peace of mind throughout this difficult time. Our services are for the “Private” cremation of your pet. That means we cremate one pet at a time…every time.

First, we provide gentle and caring pickup and transportation of your pet from your home or veterinary hospital. Then, your pet is prepared for making the keepsake clay paw print. Once the paw print is made, your pet is prepared for cremation. After the cremation, your pet’s ashes are allowed to cool and placed into the urn. The ashes, urn and paw print are then packaged for delivery.  Lastly, we personally hand-deliver your beloved pet’s ashes and urn back to your home. The entire process takes seven business days to complete. We perform the entire process with the utmost care, love and respect for your beloved pet.

We service all the communities of Los Angeles county including the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys.


Our Sincere Mission

Our mission is to provide completely transparent pet cremation services.  We are respectful, caring, and compassionate pet parents ourselves and we are committed to our clients and their peace of mind in knowing their pets have been honored with the highest regard.