from Yelp on January 29th, 2015

I created a Yelp account just so I could write a review for At Garden’s Edge Pet Aftercare. My dog of 18 years recently passed away. Although we knew his time was coming soon, we were completely distraught when he finally did leave us. I was a complete mess and wasn’t sure what we could do to honor him well. I researched online and At Garden’s was the first thing that popped up. I called and spoke with Scott, the owner, over the phone. I swear, Scott was made for this. He was the most professional, yet compassionate and gentle soul I have ever met. He made the coping process 1000x easier. Every single part of my experience with Scott and At Garden’s, from beginning to end, was exceptional. Highly, highly recommended. Thank you At Garden’s!

Lisa K.
Arcadia, CA

from Yelp on December 29th, 2014

I’m usually pretty wary of businesses with perfect 5 star reviews having been burned before by a few so-called perfectly rated businesses (perfect in the eyes of relatives and friends maybe) but Scott & Teresa Summerville are the real deal.

All the reviews you see here singing their praises, calling the Summervilles angels from heaven, they speak truth.

When our dear dog was nearing his end earlier this month, we were heartbroken and unsure how to proceed. We ended up deciding on a private cremation for him as he was very much part of our family and it would be wrong to do any less in his name.

We read many reviews on Yelp for different pet cremation businesses but “At Gardens Edge” really stood out among the rest. The heartfelt reviews of the other Yelpers here and the website felt genuine. The Complete Memorial package they offered was convenient, beautiful, and exactly what we wanted for our little brother.

When the fateful day came and he was put to sleep at home, Scott came by an hour later to pick him up. He was warm, compassionate, and extremely considerate and responsive to all our needs and requests. A week later, our brother was returned to us in the prettiest little box, with a nice handmade clay paw print, a packet of flower seeds, and the story of the rainbow bridge.

Prices were very reasonable in our opinion, especially considering the fact that our house was out of the way for the Summerville’s usual clients and the extremely rainy and stormy conditions Scott had to endure to reach our house.

Losing a family member is hard. The Summervilles make this loss easier to bear by being the utmost professionals and the most compassionate people here on Earth.

L. L.
San Diego, CA

from Yelp on December 12th, 2014

I have known that my friend was sick for some time. However, my family and I did not expect for him to take such a downhill turn so quickly. Seeing that he was in great pain, could not perform normal functions of daily living, and exhibited behaviors indicating that he was ready to pass away, my sister found a review for Scott and Teresa Summerville of At Garden’s Edge Pet Aftercare. There were other similar businesses, but none stood out to me as At Garden’s Edge Pet Aftercare did.

After speaking with Scott, I did not want anyone else to handle my beloved once he passed away. The mobile vet that that came offered to take my friend away to another crematory, also highly rated on Yelp, but there was something warm and wonderful about At Garden’s Edge Pet Aftercare, that just felt right for me and my family.

I was in touch with Scott and he was available same day. he agreed to go out of his normal geographical area to Orange County for a very reasonable fee. I was in touch with him the whole day and amidst a very rainy day night, he arrived about an hour after my friend passed into an eternal peaceful sleep. Scott was so kind, he offered such kind words of condolences, did not rush us, and i felt that he was a friend and I was honored to have him escort my beloved dog away. Scott showed such respect that I knew that when he took my friend away, that he was in good hands. One of my regrets was that I did not have did not clip my dogs toenails before he passed away due to the fact that they were brittle from medications he was on, and Scott promised that he would clip them before taking a Pawprint as part of the cremation package we chose.

The idea of an individual cremation was exactly what my family and I always wanted for her dog. He has brought us years of devotion and joy, that the extra expense did not seem like anything at all to us. The price is actually very reasonable compared to other crematories. At Gardens edge also only offers individual cremation, which was very important to us. I don’t feel like my dog should be treated any less than a human being, and commingling of his ashes with other pets would be devastating for us.

Scott’s communication was great, and when it came time to for him to return my dog to me, he delivered him in the most beautiful, regal package. My friend was carefully and safely sealed in a ziplock bag, and inside a beautiful velvet pouch imprinted with a beautiful saying along with a poem. The package we chose also came with wildflower seeds, a beautiful run with my dogs name inprinted on it, and a beautiful Pawprint. It was so detailed, I could see the impressions of his pads and fingernails. All were personalized. I don’t think that we could given have given him a more beautiful sending off.

I’m so grateful for Scott and Teresa Summerville. Though this process was very hard for us as our dog was our first and very much a family member, they made the process respectful and allowed us to commemorate our beloved family member in the most respectful way. Scott and Teresa are small business owners who also exhibit great love for animals as you can see from their Facebook page and and the link I post below. The Video is quite helpful, I found it through a Google search, and will help soothe those who have lost or anticipate losing their pet. The video also discusses when a pet may be ready to go and the decision to put them down if necessary.

Thank you Yelpers for recommending these beautiful people who assisted me and my family during our darkest hours.

K. K.
Anaheim, CA

from Yelp on November 28th, 2014

The tragic day I had to put Bebe down I wasn’t sure what to do and called Scott based on the reviews by Yelp and all the 5 star ratings…I can assure you that he deserves every 5 star and if there were more I would give him more stars. He is very professional and handles everything with great care and excellent follow up. Once he returned BeBe’s remains I was so touched by the quality of the products and all the gentle added touches like the wild flower seeds, the paw print, etc. I cannot over recommend his services when you are in your hour of need with a beloved pet. You will not be disappointed.

Keith R.
Los Angeles, CA

from Yelp on November 6th, 2014

I knew our beautiful dog would pass away but we never thought it would be so soon. He was our first pet and we all loved him dearly. Last night was hard and we were not sure where to begin or who to contact. We wanted someone that would treat him with respect. I went on Yelp and this was the first place I viewed. After reading the reviews we all decided to give them a call this morning.

Scott picked up our beloved dog this morning. I would like to say that he exceed my expectations. Our hearts are broken over our loss but he was very caring and understanding. He handled him with care and said a beautiful prayer. Never in a million years would I have expected to have such a beautiful human being be a part of this hard process. I am glad there are people like him in this world. That do not see this process as $$$ but as one that needs to be handled with respect and care.

Thank you Scott for everything. You made this a little more easier for our family. God bless!

Lucee V.
Azusa, CA

from Yelp on October 16th, 2014

ArchieScott and his lovely wife are first rate people that took care if our little angel, Archie. Who passed away this evening. From first contact you can tell they are blessed. Highly recommended.

Thank you Scott and Theresa.

Jay R.
La Crescenta-Montrose, CA

from Yelp on September 22nd, 2014

My pet Osito was unfortunately came to his demise by a hit and run. I don not wish to recall the horrible night but Scott was a blessing in disguise. He is one of the most compassionate and dedicated people on this planet. He has a great gift to ease some of the pain of losing a loving pet. His services are wonderful and very reasonably priced.

Save yourself the agony of searching through perhaps dozens of places just call Scott and you will not be disappointed.

Osito we all miss you terribly.

Gilda C.
Huntington Park, CA

from Yelp on June 23rd, 2014

Long before our beloved cat, Fritzy, died my partner and I discussed what we would like for him. We wanted a private cremation, a paw print, and a nice urn to hold his ashes. We knew we wanted to honor him in a way that would be fitting for our cat that gave us many years of love and happiness.

A day before Fritzy passed away, I stumbled upon this business on Yelp and saw that they provided everything we ever wanted for Fritzy… and we got that and more.

The morning Fritzy passed away, we were devastated. I looked up At Garden’s Edge and called up Scott. He talked me through it all– he was calm, sincere, thoughtful and caring. He thought of things we didn’t have the capacity to think of in the moment and offered wonderful suggestions on how to spend the day saying good-bye.

That evening, Scott came by and was wonderful and kind-hearted through it all. He spoke with each of us and helped talk us through the tragedy and lost of our cat. He explained everything thoroughly, carefully, and thoughtfully. I will never forget our farewell prayer to Fritzy and how even Scott cried for and with us.

We are beyond satisfied with the customer service and product provided.

Michelle M.
Los Angeles, CA

from Yelp on April 23rd, 2014

FritzyScott is a true example of a wonderful human being. It has taken me over two months to write this review properly and process my grieving.

I was a vet tech in my 20’s and I’ve dealt with a few aftercare places and none of them could even compare to the excellence I found at Gardens Edge Pet Aftercare.

I am floored at how wonderful, top notch, stellar and simply magnificent this business is.

When the time came for my furchild Kobi to pass away, we still cannot figure out how we got Scott’s number at Gardens Edge but it was just “there” like it was divinely put in front of us.

He drove to us to pick up our beloved Kobi and he took her gently in her favorite blanket and was very thorough on all the steps in the process. At a very tender time for my spouse and I, he really made us feel at ease. As for the price, it was more than reasonable, truly.

If you believe in angels in human form, divine appointments and connection with spirit… Scott is living proof this divine choreography exists. His services are the best and he encompasses all forms of care when it’s time. He made me feel completely comfortable when I was in such a sad emotional state. When Kobi’s ashes were returned to us he also gave us a packet of wildflower seeds, clips of her hair and a paw print.

This is the place to go when it’s time and you need that extra dose of compassion and good business.

Ang A.
Palm Springs, CA

from Yelp on January 16th, 2014

One of the horrific days of my life … December 20, 2013. My baby girl, Amore’ passed away in her bed. Fine the day before, gone the next. Too fast to take to the vet.

I had bookmarked Garden’s Edge’s website several years ago thinking I would not be needing it for a long time. But “the” day came. I could not have chosen a more perfect place for my baby. (I liked the fact that she would be cremated ALONE and not with any other animals).

Scott took care of all the arrangements. Amore’ passed away at 10:08p. Scott suggested she stay with me until the morning; then he would pick her up at 7:30 am Saturday. He was so very kind, sincere, sympathetic and level-headed.

He suggested I write down all my hopes and wishes and dreams for Amore’ on a piece of paper and put with her. He also suggested I light candles and hold a memorial service. I did all the above with my sister on the phone (out of state) and my mother, who arrived 20 minutes after Amore’ passed.

I put one of my t-shirts on her, one of her favorite stuffed toys, along with the last bit of cheese she didn’t eat.

Scott assured me that the way it happened was the best case scenario. The vet would not have been able to do anything, and she would have spent her last moments in FEAR around other dogs IN FEAR. But instead she passed away in her own bed with me by her side.

When Scott came to pick her up, he handled me with kit gloves; knowing I was in shock. He also handled Amore’ with tender loving care; caring her out to the car in her bed and saying a prayer and hugging me before leaving. I lost my sister 4 years ago and the minister and funeral director did not come even close to what Scott gave me as a grieving human being.

He also put up with my many calls, checking on my baby throughout the week. During one of my calls, Scott told me that her legs and paws were NOT tense, that they were stress free; letting me know she passed without suffering, or in pain.

When Scott returned my baby a week later, she was in a beautiful mahogany box with an inscription “Amore’, beloved Daughter.” Inside, the RAINBOW BRIDGE poem, wild flower seeds, her remains in a velvet pouch (plastic bag inside pouch) some of her hair, and a paw print in plaster with her name, the year and hearts stamped in it. All this for $255. They could easily charge way more for all they do and take advantage of grieving pet owners, but he doesn’t. It is more than a business for him.

Although I am still beside myself with grief, Scott made her passing as beautiful as it could possibly be. And I am very thankful.

M. C.
Los Angeles, CA